Travel Gear
We often get asked about what gear we use, and our inner uber-geek loves to talk about this stuff.  
Quality gear is paramount to the overall travel experience!  
You don't want to be safaring the Serengeti, scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef, or gazing upon aurora borealis in the Arctic Circle when your crap gear does not work.
Here is a list of some of the gear we love.


Introducing the newest addition to our bag of tricks. We are having so much fun with this little guy.  So tiny it fits in my palm, compact, waterproof, rugged, ahhh-mazing picture and video quality and colors.  Free GoPro editing software makes editing a breeze.  

Opening up this goody bag was like Christmas morning!  15 different GoPro accessories all for under $30!  Now we are motivated to find uses for them all, ha!  I see scuba, surfing, and maybe some hang-gliding in our near future!

By far, this product we get asked about the most.  Affordable, compact, waterproof, durable and easy to use.  Extremely happy with this purchase, and even with the new GoPro this will have a place in our bag. Check out this video taken with the Canon Powershot D20, make sure to watch in HD.


Our beloved Canon Powershot D20 is discontinued, but the Canon Powershot D30 is its predecessor and based on the reviews I read it is essentially the same camera with an improved casing and better grip, as the D20 was a bit slippery. 

The Canon 60D is our go-to DSLR, and it takes amazing photos.  I wish I could tell you I knew how to use all of its numerous capabilities, but I still struggle with getting out of auto mode.  We have vowed to change that and hopefully take our photography to the next level.  This was an upgrade from our Canon EOS 30D, which is still an awesome camera and acts as our backup or when we both want to shoot.